Campus Futures | My 12 month placement – what i’ve learnt so far…
Campus Futures | My 12 month placement – what i’ve learnt so far…
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My 12 month placement – what i’ve learnt so far…

Meet Chloe, she’s a third year student at Sheffield Hallam Uni, studying Marketing Communications & Advertising, and she’s on placement at Campus for 12 months. We asked Chloe what she’s learnt so far on her internship, and here’s what she had to say:

After months of trying to find a placement, the 10th July came and I became the baby of the Campus family! It’s only natural to feel anxious and excited about the first day but really there was nothing to worry about. The office is relaxed but very hard working – which is the best kind!

What I’m doing (and learning):

I gained insight into how a real student recruitment and marketing agency works from the get go, as everyone works together and communication fly’s across the room all of the time, it’s clear that it’s a fast paced industry and keeps you on your toes – no day is the same. This is one thing that attracted me to the role at Campus; working with so many varied clients; I knew this was a great opportunity to broaden my skills, as well as give me a good understanding of how student recruitment and marketing campaigns differ from client to client. Also, the thought of being stuck at a desk everyday doing repetitive tasks really didn’t appeal to me!

Being a student myself, the perfect placement seemed to be one that specialised in the student marketplace. I knew at Campus, being the placement student I would be a valued member of the team and given responsibility, as I am their target market! Having only been here for a month, I have already been given an exciting amount of responsibility, such as creating surveys and carrying out market research, interviewing and recruiting brand ambassadors, writing blogs for clients, managing databases (definitely building on my skills on excel) and much, much more!

University and placement are two very different things. Some people see university as a bit of a doss; partying every night, skipping lectures, minimal hours/days. It’s easy to get caught up in that lifestyle but when you go on placement it brings you back to reality! This is definitely a good thing though. Being on a placement, I have realised how the real world works, that realistic days are no longer 4pm-5pm but 9:30am-6pm. I’m one for routine so working full time definitely gives me this, I’m occupied for the whole day and my weeks absolutely fly by! Everyday I’m learning something new and putting into practice what I’ve learnt at Uni. I know you’ve probably heard this over and over again from your placement tutors but it’s true, a placement will only enhance your CV and strengthen your chances of securing a job after graduation.

My advice:

Advice that I would give anyone thinking or looking for a placement would be to make sure you only apply for jobs that you’re passionate about. It’s clear that the team at Campus are very passionate about their accounts, and as for any company, the last thing employers want is someone who has no oomph and doesn’t show passion! You would be wasting your time sending applications off for the sake of it! Also, don’t stress. You might be lucky and bag yourself a placement after only applying for a couple, but this isn’t the case for everyone! So, if you’re unsuccessful after your first few applications, email them and ask for some feedback, which can help you with your next application. Don’t be disheartened when they’re honest with you, it will only help you in the future!

Don’t give up, it’s worth it!